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polishing & Spa treatment

jewelry care & longevity

Jems Jewels & Gold will provide a FREE cleaning and inspection of your jewelry for wear and any damage. Great care will be given to your jewelry during our inspection. Diamonds and gemstones are checked to confirm that they are secure and the prongs are aligned correctly. Clasps and safeties are check to make sure they are in working order.

Jewelry will be polished with delicate care. Polishing is done in several steps. This includes deburring, polishing, and buffing using several compounds to make your jewelry look brand new!

After polishing, your jewelry will go through its own spa treatment of a warm ultrasonic jewelry cleaning bath, followed by a steam bath and patted dry. There are several jewelry items that need a different approach, such as, cultured pearls, emeralds and opals. These items will be cared for and cleaned by hand only.

Some simple tips to keep your jewelry and memories they came with for years to come:

•Never allow gemstones or jewelry pieces to come into contact with each other as only gemstones and materials of equal or greater hardness can cause harm to your jewelry.

•Try not to sleep in your jewelry. It has been at work with you all day long and had a tough day so give it a break and give it a rest before bed time.

•If working with your jewelry outside, wear protective gloves to protect the prongs and surfaces from damages.

•The beach is a large piece of sand paper; avoid wearing your diamond rings on the beach.

•While cooking remember that rings look better without cookie dough and meat loaf. Take them off and place in a safe area away from the sink.

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