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Colore|SG -The Lorenzo Collection

sara blaine


The finest examples of colored gemstones from around the world, set in gold and silver designs that enable you to express yourself through any occasion and throughout your life. Originally The Lorenzo Collection, Colore | SG presents our world of color where you can find your personal style. Explore our world of wonder, and share in the delight of rich color, luxurious beauty and accessible design.

The idea behind Sara Blaine Jewelry has always been to create beautiful jewelry using the best quality stones. Sara has successfully found the happy medium between “the trend” and a timeless elegant piece. Her ability to mix unique colors on the stone color pallet sets her apart from other high-end jewelry designers. Jewelry-wearing is not just an accessory to Sara, ...but a statement.

Vahan Jewelry is unique in that it appeals to women of all ages. We do our best to speak to those women in different ways. For some, it is through our personal touch and devoted sales staff. For others, it is merely a matter of seeing Vahan's ever growing presence in the Hollywood spotlights.

maria cristina sterling

Gabriel & Co.

officina bernardi

European craftsmanship, quality materials, patented technology, and almost two centuries of refinement and innovation.

Stunning. Alluring. Bold.

Designed to turn heads and redefine indulgence for a woman who is ready to make a statement and choose the very best.

The Officina Bernardi collection aims at representing our contemporary culture, anticipating trends and meeting the needs and desires of all its customers. With its international distribution, it represents a fundamental reality of the Italian jewellery design.

Frederic Duclos

hot diamonds

darling diamonds

Frederic Duclos is an award winning French designer of contemporary sterling and sterling and 14 karat combinations of jewelry and gifts. The Company was created under the guidance of Karen and Frederic Duclos in 1984.

Driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in its line of high-performance sports watches.

It starts with a simple, yet revolutionary concept: a watch that never needs a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light-from any natural or artificial light source-and converts it into energy.

Tashka by Beatrice



Deeply interested in the strength of color, Beatrice Matiash is dedicated to providing jewelry that one dresses for. She has set out to alter the experience of getting dressed with her collection of radiantly colored necklaces and earrings intended to be accessorized by attire.

A boutique specializing in handmade goods from Turkey. Meral and Halil began designing jewelry inspired by the beautiful patterns in, the traditional Turkish carpets and the natural beauty of their adopted country, Switzerland.

Dolan Bullock provides the finishing touch for an impeccable look and continues to build upon its heritage of innovative quality-crafted accessories. Look for the logo for Genuine Dolan Bullock product. All Dolan Bullock items are stamped with the "dB" trademark and most are handcrafted here in the United States of America.